Oklahoma Civil, Commercial and Employment Mediation

Oklahoma Civil, Commercial and Employment Mediation – How Does It Fit With The Legal System?

Mediation can take place before or after legal action is initiated. Typically, the mediation results in a memorandum of understanding which outlines points of agreement between the parties. This document generally is not considered binding until both sides have had an opportunity for an attorney review.

Mediation is not a substitute for independent legal representation. Lawyers advise their clients of their legal rights and obligations, and tell them what to expect if they go to court. The attorney may act as an advisor and consultant and prepares any documents which must be filed with the court.

Civil / Commercial Services:

  • Personal Injury matters
  • Real estate disputes
  • Employment/EEO
  • Business

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Promotes Communication and cooperation
  • Allows those involved to control important decisions
  • Saves time and Money
  • Voluntary and Confidential
  • Eliminates risk of trail
  • Allows new system of future communication

How Can The Mediation Institute Help You?

We provide an objective, neutral third party who provides guidelines for discussion. We can keep the primary focus on issues and not on emotions. We can help people improve the overall quality and effectiveness of their decisions. And most importantly, we can help bring an atmosphere of cooperation to these difficult negotiations.


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